Bingo Drive: Live Clash Tour 17+
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This bingo is the very best you can find online. I have downloaded and tried every bingo my phone offers and no one can even come close to this one. The different rooms the puzzle pieces the spookies the challenges the bonus games the players all of these things is what makes it the best. The way they are always offering new rooms and challenges is what keeps my interest. The way you can exchange pieces and spookies to help you get credits is awesome. The only complaint I would have is the fact that like other games the amount of credits you receive free everyday is not enough to play with. Especially if you are doing challenges. You get enough to play one maybe two rounds and unless if is a good paying room if u bingo you have to resort to trading and begging for credits. Another complaint would be the cost of the new rooms here lately are way too much to play. The credits you receive are only enough if you are lucky to play one round. But despite all the complaints I still give this game 5 stars cause it is still the best and the most fun to play
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Bingo Drive: Live Clash Tour 17+
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